Collection: DENIM on DENIM

Man, do we love denim!  We've sourced all our recycled denim right here in the heart of Brooklyn, NY from our friends and neighbors.   We artfully piece together different pairs of denim to create our iconic denim tote bags. Mixing it with genuine reclaimed leather, we fashion stylish clutches that seamlessly blend modernity and conscious design.   We repurpose the back pockets as well as utilize the waistbands of jeans as straps for our unique handbags.
  But that's not all—our commitment to sustainability extends to our one of a kind jewelry pieces. We transform denim zippers into funky earrings and statement necklaces, adding an edgy touch to any ensemble. And as for those leftover scraps? We fashion them into exquisite denim feather earrings, embracing the spirit of reuse and reinvention.

From head to toe, our collection tells a story of innovation, resourcefulness, and a deep appreciation for denim.


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