Our Story

She-bang is a sustainable fashion line from long time friends, design duo Arianne + Danielle. 
We create for the free-spirited being.  Mindfully and sustainably designed bags, unique jewelry, statement earrings, and one of a kind clothing.
Our personal style is edgy, thoughtful, interesting, stand out...
and we LOVE that for you, too! 
We have both worked in the fast fashion industry for 15+ years.  Overwhelmed with the amount of waste that is created by mass producing clothing and accessories,  we wanted a way to help combat some of the negative impact the fashion industry has on the environment, all the while creating our own designs.   Everything is handmade by us, mostly from recycled materials.  Fashion industry production excess like sample yardage, trims, and sample garments are salvaged and repurposed. 
We collect recycled genuine leather, denim scraps, donated jeans and the best bits of discarded jewelry from our friends and neighbors.  
We add a little sass and re-imagine it all into new unique creations.

Because of the nature of what we do, everything is one of a kind or limited in number… so you can be sure that what you buy is unique… just like you!!!